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metis 42 

metis 42 is a alarm transmission and control device for the GSM network.

  • Alarm and remote control system for houses, cottages etc...
  • Alarm transmission for existing burglar alarm systems
  • Backup system for existing burglar alarm systems
  • Remote control applications

metis 42 is a rock-solid selection for alarm transmission over the GSM network. Easy to use and to configure, reliable and cost-effective metis 42 sends information about alarms and state changes via SMS to a mobile phone or a guard center.

Choose the enclosure, antenna, power supply and accessories and tailor-make metis to fit the needs of your application and take an advantage of the different installation possibilities.

Download driver for USB -port.
Download instructions for installing the driver.

Download metisSoft guide.
Send your contact information by mail to the following address and you will receive instructions for downloding metisSoft program: